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How I Grew My Pinterest Hair Business Page From 0 to 63K Monthly Viewers in 30 Days

How I Grew My Hair Business Pinterest Page From 0 to 63k in 30 days

How I Grew My  Pinterest Hair Business Page From 0 to 63K Monthly Viewers in 30 Days


When we think of promoting, marketing and advertising for the hair extension industry the mind goes to Instagram. We see many success stories form the hair industry that has been birth from Instagram marketing, which is awesome. However, there are other platforms to market on that may yield better results such as Pinterest!

When I first converted my Pinterest account to a business account I had no idea how big it would get, it was just a long shot. I thought Instagram and Facebook was it for platforms to get my hair brand out there...welp I was totally mistaken! Going from 0 to 63k viewers in one month and increased website traffic happened, who knew!

Consumers especially women turn to Pinterest to shop, it’s Google not social media! Now, I’m letting my secret out to help new business owners of the hair, fashion and beauty industries, increase their visibility and website traffic with Pinterest! 

Using Pinterest is easy but it does take some upfront work to get the consistent flow of traffic. 

Hold tight I'm going to give you the deets that will make this a breeze!

Anyone with an online product based business can use these nuggets as well.

Enough of the small talk and let's kick this baby off!



Step 1: Optimizing My Pinterest Profile

Ummm what did you say, optimizing? What is that? Calm down it is not as difficult as the word looks. To make it simple, your profile needs to be set up to be found and you can do this by using the right keywords that pertain to your business.

Name: Your name is the first impression, this is how viewers find out who you are. In this area you need to place your business name followed by a vertical line then then keywords. This is done so that when these searches are done your Pinterest page is included in those searches.

Bio: Okay here is where you want to fill up on keywords however you must form sentences that make sense. You want to explain in the bio what your business is about and what it does. 

Location: Do not limit yourself in this section. You want to populate this area with the state in which the business is located along with the locations in which you service or ship to. This then targets those in that market when searching on Pinterest. It's all about being found!

Website: Include your website in this section. If you do not yet have a website you can use another social media address with your products displayed or even a landing page to grow your email account especially if your are about to launch your business. I would suggest Mailchimp when developing landing pages. Great for beginners and its FREE. This would be the best way to explode your email list. Make sure to mention in your bio to sign up for your newsletter with that link.

However, if you do not have a website and domain, get one fast. I suggest Shopify! This platform is the best especially for new business owners. It's easy to use and has hundreds maybe even thousands of apps you can use to enhance your site. Right now you can get 14 days free when you sign up. Here's my partner link get a Shopify site now FREE you won't regret it.




 Step 2: Search Engine Optimizing My Boards

When SEOing your boards, it gives your boards, your pins and Pinterest page a higher chance to be found.

Title: Most of the time we see cute titles on Pinterest, that's great for those not building a business but we are building empires. Your board titles need to be descriptive with a play on keywords. Viewers should not have to think when looking at the title of your board.

Descriptions: Don't hold back in this description. You want to also use keywords here and elaborate on the title and what the board will contain.

Pins:  Pins should be high quality and a mixture of your personal brand pins and other pins in the same category from Pinterest that you have re-pinned to that board. Do not pin irrelevant pins to your boards.

Pinning from your website is great but you also want to create pins. Pinners love great graphics, we as humans love color and graphics, it seems to brighten our little optical hearts. When creating great pins that standout, I use Canva, it's free and will have you looking like a seasoned graphic artist.

Rich Pins, Rich Pins, Rich Pins!!! Want to standout and be taken serious make sure to get approved for Rich Pins. These are the pins you see that have a bold title on them and not just a description. Don't get frustrated like I did when I didn't understand how to get approved for rich pins. Shopify automatically does this for you when you download the Pinterest app. I told you, Shopify is something else!


 Step 3: PIN PIN PIN!!

Pinning can be very tedious especially when you are expected to pin daily and pin 5-10 pins daily. However, in order for your viewers, followers and website traffic to increase you have to pin with fire! You must pin often and at the right times.

There you have it! This is how I used Pinterest to take my hair extension business from 0 to 63k viewers in one month and increased my website traffic.


Want to know what I did in addition to go from from 0 to 63k viewers monthly? How I was able to take that number go to 1 million monthly viewers and a ton of website traffic? Want to take the guess work out of initially setting your Pinterest profile for success and putting it on autopilot? Keep reading!!! 

With extensive experience not only with building an online hair business, I have also built sales teams, have experience with accounting, recruiting as well as HR, marketing and customer service! I have mastered the art of pinning like a boss to gain visibility and consistent website traffic. 

I have taken the Rated Bougie Hair Co. Pinterest site from 0 viewers per month to 63k viewers in one month FREE no paid ads. Now our Pinterest site consistently yeilds 1 million viewers per month in which a portion of those viewers convert to website traffic.

I have created a hands on training call called Pinning For Bosses that will help you get started with Pinterest, increase your business visibility and website traffic.

In this 90min call we will: 

  • Identify your target market
  • Build a Pinterest Business Page
  • Build & optimize  Pinterest Boards that attract views and clicks
  • Use keyword strategies to gain page traction
  • Layout your Pinterest page for optical quality 
  • Set it & forget it method- Automate your Pinterest Page 


You get access to me, Marica Janaè for one month with scheduled calls and through email. Get the deets here!

Actual Client Results after 30 days of Pinning For Bosses Strategy!




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